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Huntmaster Deralia
PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 6:09 pm    Post subject: "For the Horde!" Chieve Guild Run

This Thursday, December 22nd at 9PM server time, I will be leading a group of guildies into four different Alliance zones to kill their leaders and get everyone the "For the Horde!" Achievement and the Black War Bear mount. During this we will also all have the opportunity to get the "BB King" and "A-Caroling We Will Go" Achievements. For those who are not aware, below is a guide to each achievement. So if you are interested in any of them, please sign up for the event I created on the in-game calendar. Happy

"For the Horde!"
This is an achievement for killing the four Alliance leaders; Tyrande Whisperwind, Muradin Bronzebeard (and his other two representatives), Prophet Velen, and King Anduin Wrynn.

We will start with Darnassus (Tyrande) and the Exodar (Velen), then make our way to Ironforge to kill Muradin. From Ironforge we take the tram to Stormwind and finish the achievement with Anduin Wrynn.

"BB King"
For this one it requires a Red Rider Air Rifle, which can be purchased from the toy shop in Dalaran. All it requires is shooting the leaders with it once, who we will be killing anyways.
(As a side note, Anduin is excluded from this achievement)

"A-Caroling We Will Go"
This achievement requires you to buy the "Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater" from Penney Copperpinch, who is located in front of the Auction House in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar. You must then equip and use it in Darnassus, The Exodar, Ironforge, and Stormwind. So we can grab this one along the way as well.

There is no item level requirement, however I do ask you at least be level 110. This should last at the most two hours if everything goes well and we run into no issues. If for some reason we fail to get the achievement(s) we can always try again next week. Also if you'd like to come but just can't make it due to the holidays, it's not a problem. "For the Horde!" is available for us to try whenever we want, not just for Winter Veil!

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